Fonetica y Fonologia Inglesa I
Sergio Rojas
IES Lola Mora / Ministerio de Educacion de Tucuman
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Novedades de la Cátedra
Sergio Rojas
Publicado el: 20.11.2016

Dear all, 

This is a short note to inform that the E. Phonetics I Final marks file (pdf format) is already available at section "NOTAS". 


Mr. Rojas. 

Sergio Rojas
Publicado el: 14.11.2016

Dear students, 

Test and final marks are already posted at section "NOTAS". Please check them. The Makeup Test will be on Wednesday, Nov. 16.

Good luck.

Mr. Rojas

Sergio Rojas
Publicado el: 08.11.2016

Dear students, 

The makeup tests will be postponed to Nov, Tuesday 15th (Com A and B) due to lack of time for correction.

I hope this does not cause any inconveniences. 


Mr. Rojas

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Sergio Rojas
Creado: 07.06.2011
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Ana Malvina Rocha
Creado: 21.09.2013

hello mr rojas
i have a question
i'm an irregular student and i need to know if i have to study what you are teaching this year or i have to study what you taught last year. i'm going to take nest examination.
thanks in advance 

Sergio Rojas
Creado: 25.08.2013
Phonemes and Allophenes

Miss Zarate, 

An allophone is a variant of the same phoneme. That is to say, it is another possible way to say the same phoneme. For example, in Argentinean Spanish, the phoneme /r/ is not pronounced the same in Tucuman as it is in Buenos Aires. Marplatense Spanish speakers produce a "rolled" /r/, and in Tucuman speakers produce a "fricative" /r/. So, whatever allophone we may use, whether pronounced as in Bs As or as in Tucuman, we will understand for instance the word "radio". So allophonic variations do not change meaning.  
Whereas phonemic variantions, that is, if we change one phoneme for another, bring about difference in meaning, E.g. In Spanish, /mata/ is not the same as /lata/, or in English, /pet/ is not the same as /let/. 

Andrea Verónica Zárate
Creado: 23.08.2013
phonemes and allophones

Mr Rojas,

I have been looking for a clear explanation about what is a phoneme and an allophone and the differences between them, and I can say that it is really difficult for me to see such difference. So I would like you to privide me a clear explanation of what they are and give me examples of both. Thank you.




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